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     Dongguan Tensent Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a professional hi-tech enterprise in designing, construction and service of safety technique protection engineering. We have many years of experience in intelligentize system management, information system intergrated and so on. We currently provide kinds of total solutions such as computer network application, building intelligentize system engineering, community intellignetize system engineering, safety technique protection engineering, software designing, technique support and engineering construction, system maintenance. For the past many years, we were always absorbing in advocating whole new intellignet living, and we were leading the tintelligent technology trendency, in order to creeat a safety, comfortable, high poency and powerfrugal environment. And we are striving to rank the best brands as an intergrated intelligentize system provider.
Our managing principle is Faith First, Quality First, Service First. Our customers are all over Dongguan city and neighbouring cities, government, enterprises, hotels, schools, factories, communities, buildings and others, provide professional, especial and high quality service.
Tensent--Technology Intelligentizes Living.

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