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     Electronic Patrol Management System
First, an overview of the system
In many units, such as residential, hotels, electricity, telecommunications, railways, post and telecommunications, such as factories and mines, patrolling, the inspection work has a bearing on security, must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the line, time to implement. However, assessment work has always been a problem. Electronic Patrol and inspection system can solve this problem, it is a good, effective anti-technology, combined with air defense for the owners to create a safe, comfortable living environment.
The basic principle is to inspect the installation of a series of lines representing different points of the radio-frequency card, to inspect each of the points in the inspection staff to use hand-held Patrol Ji Duka, the representative of the number of points and time recorded at the same time. After the completion of the inspection patrol aircraft through the data communications lines to deal with computer software, you can inspect the situation on the (staff, location, time, events, etc.) and assessment records.
Second, the system
The present system is mainly patrol inspection management software, patrol aircraft and a variety of radio-frequency card poses. Patrol aircraft are mainly low-temperature solid-liquid crystal and digital-radio-frequency ID cards for the popular card (EM cards and card TI), there are a variety of shapes, there is a typical button-type glass, the key card type, card type, General Patrol used the first two cards, easy to install.
    Third, applications
 district, hotels, buildings, warehouses, schools, parks and so on security patrol fire management.
 railway, electricity, oil, telecommunications, factories and mines, such as municipal pipeline inspection equipment management.
 postal services, public transportation, logistics, force, hospitals and other fixed-point performance evaluation from time to time management.
Fourth, features
 use proximity card technology, do not touch, you can read patrol near the point of information, very convenient.
 RF card is not power, 20-year life span, can be buried in walls, sealed with cement (outside the label affixed to night) to prevent vandalism.
 revolutionary low-power design, no charge, the card can be 200,000 times in a row, the battery can be used generally for two years or so, significantly ahead of similar products make it easier for the users.
 the use of advanced Flash memory technology, will not lose data can be permanently preserved repeatedly in recent record of 30,000.
 patrol plane away from the sensor can reach more than 5cm.

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