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A principle: the supremacy of moral character. Good moral character is becoming an important prerequisite for human resources.
Second principle: people but only. Our company has consistently adhered to the "talent first" business philosophy, completely rule out the possibility of geo-science, blood, such as geo-complex relationship out of the drawbacks of seniority.
Three principles: the ability is more important than academic qualifications. Personnel selection and focus on integrated human capacity, rather than look at a piece of paper diploma.
Four principles: the selection of senior personnel within the principle of priority. We are always more opportunities left to the old in-house staff.
Five principles: focus on the strengths of talent to play. As long as you have a skill, you can find one for you.
Six principles: the principle of skills. Different positions of the different talents, we can really improve efficiency.
Seven principles: the implementation of "special pay special Kong," the principle of reward and punishment. Different positions, different salaries, different standards of evaluation.
Eight principles: the principle of the exchange. Transform staff to work on a regular basis so that employees become more familiar with the job "more than able to work"


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